Shelby Black-3 Reasons Why Web Design is Important to Know
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3 Reasons Why Web Design is Important to Know

By Shelby Black, March 19, 2018

Design in general stretches into many different categories. As a graphic designer, it’s important to have an understanding in more aspects of design than just print media. Often times a graphic designer can find that a lot of jobs also expect you to know elements of web design. It’s important for graphic designers to know web design, especially HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and here are some key reasons as to why:

1.Sometimes you have to edit old websites Your employer might want you to go into their website and update something or add new graphics. As the designer, knowing how HTML and CSS works will help you figure out where to maneuver in the web page and how to insert new things without messing up the whole site.

2. If you’re designing how the website looks, then you should probably know what goes into making it work. If you’re just designing the look of the site, e-blast, landing page, or anything else web based, it helps to have an understanding of what will go into making sure it works. It’s also good to know what the actual web developers can and can not do. If something in your design is too difficult to replicate for the web, having a good knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JS will help you recognize these things.

3. Honestly, graphic design and web design seem to be merging. As print media dies off, the fields of graphic design and web design are overlapping. Now print media isn’t completely dying off that fast, but as a new graphic designer it’s best to keep yourself open to possibilities and make yourself more marketable with web design skills.

Overall, you don’t need to be a master web designer and make a whole website from scratch. There are plenty of tools that help in this process and can give you beautiful sites. But having a strong base in web skills and programs are important and make you more marketable in the long run. Plus web design is a fun challenge of trying to get your website to work while making it look beautiful!