Shelby Black-Good vs. Great Design
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Good vs. Great Design

By Shelby Black, April 22, 2018

Great design can be a tricky thing to master. Your design can look good, but does it do its job? What’s the difference between good and great design? Well let’s find out! One of the biggest differences between good and great design is one may look aesthetically pleasing but the other successfully communicates the message. You can have the prettiest design or website but if it doesn’t communicate your message successfully it’s not a great design. So how can we prevent this? Well a good place to start is to follow the principles of design.

• Balance provides stability to your design. It can be either asymmetrical or symmetrical and helps make sure your design is stable. Unstable designs can make your audience feel uncomfortable or just not look that good.

• Proximity is the relationship between elements. This can help to make a great design by showing what’s related, what’s not, and it gives your layout an overall visual connection and path.

• Alignment gives your design order and organization. This is important because you want your design to be legible and create a visual connection.

• Repetition creates unity and can make your design active. It gives your design consistency makes everything belong together as a whole.

• Contrast uses opposites to emphasize and highlight important things. It also tends to make a design more interesting.

• Space is probably the most important, as it is the area around design elements. Many people overlook having white space in a design, thus creating a design that is not “great”.

Using the principles of design, you can make sure your design is not only good, but great! Remember that it isn’t enough to have just something that looks “pretty”, graphic design is all about visual communication. You have a message to share and a great design gets the job done. You can see good design, great design is invisible.