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A little about me.

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I am a recent graduate from Baldwin Wallace University with a major in Digital Media and Design: Graphic Design and a minor in Public Relations. I am currently employed as a Graphic Designer at SyncShow.

As a graphic designer, I enjoy the creative problem solving that goes into working in this field. From laying out designs for print to logos and graphics to web design, I revel in it all. I have a distinct passion in branding identity, graphics, and print layouts. I also enjoy web design and work hard to get better in it everyday. I am adept in Adobe Creative Cloud as well as HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 4. Other programs I have knowledge in are Autodesk Maya, Python, and JavaScript.

Overall I am a hardworking graphic designer. I am always punctual with my work, and strive to be the best I can be. I am passionate about what I do and can carry that passion wherever I go.

Here's a snippet of my resume:

Picture of Baldwin Wallace University logo and text saying graduating in may 2018, work-study student and intern at university relations from august 2017 to present, designed graphics, brochures, and other print materials for university and athletics
Image saying proficient in adobe indesign 2017, adobe illustrator 2017, adobe photoshop 2017, html5, css3, and bootstrap 4

Want more? Click here for a PDF of my full resume.

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Design Resources.

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Bēhance is a great resource for designers of every field to come together and share their work. It's like LinkedIn for designers!

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W3schools is my favorite resource to use when it comes to web design. It helps me with every web issue or question I may have.

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Moo is my favorite place to get my business cards printed. As a designer, I appreciate the quality of both the paper and print of the cards I get.

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